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Anti-Aging Expression Lines Kit

Best Way To Treat Expression Lines For Anti-Aging

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This kit includes 3 different products designed to best help with skin expression lines for anti-aging. These are professional skincare anti-aging products designed to be used together to get you the best results for reducing skin expression lines. Included is our Bota-Peptide 5 Concentrate (30ml) backed by clinical studies, our A.G.E. Total Defence Cream (50ml), and our Bota-Peptide Eye Contour (20ml).

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What Others Say About Us

"For many years I experienced living with oversized pores, a red skin tone and tiny red veins on my face. I envied others who had beautiful skin. I was introduced to Senka through a friend and she made me feel at ease right away...I was skeptical, but within just a few treatments using Senka's knowledge, skills and G.M. Collins products my pores were diminishing, my red veins were gone and my skin tone was more even. I actually felt like I could be seen in public without makeup! Thank you Senka!...My all time favorite product is the G.M. Collins puractive cleansing foam!"

Extroadinarily Effective Concentrate

  • PROVEN! 4 week clinical study done on 60 women (avg. age 60) applying the concentrate twice per day after cleansing performed by Lab. Dermo-Cosmetik with efficacy and tolerance tested on days 0, 14, and 28 showed reduction of total wrinkle surface by up to 88% and reduction of wrinkle length by up to 85%
  • NO-NONSENSE! Based on a patent technology combining advanced peptides including argireline and matrixyl 3000, antioxidants, lipoaminoacids, and madecassoside delivers the key to reducing the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles and gets results in an incredibly short amount of time!
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Contains argireline which enables you to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles in a safe and non-toxic way
  • ADVANCED! Formulated with advanced peptides that help to visibly soften and smoothen out even the deepest wrinkles!
Bota-Peptide 5 Concentrate
Anti-Aging Skin Revitalization Bundle

All In One Solution For Treating Your Skin's Expression Lines

We put into this bundle our 3 best products to help with skin expression lines for anti-aging. These are products that best compliment each other to give you the best possible results for reducing your expression lines making you look younger and better than ever.

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Safe Ingredients

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Soothing & Refreshing

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Improves Skin Health

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Efficient Solution

Incredibly Effective Cream

  • EFFECTIVE! Age-defying moisturizer packed with 8 antioxidants and 5 peptides gives you the ability to prevent signs of aging, improve skin elasticity and resiliency, and visibly reduce lines and wrinkles
  • DEPENDABLE! Contains a formula of nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) which gives you the power to reduce free radicals that can damage your skin keeping your skin healthy, and prevent inflammation of your skin
  • RESULTS! Contains 5 peptides including matrixyl 3000 and rice peptides that bring back necessary moisture to your depleted skin cells, increases your cell metabolism, improves your collagen production, and makes your skin look smooth and plump
A.G.E. Total Defence Cream

High Performing Eye Contour

  • DELIVERS! A 4-in-1 formula to address all concerns around your delicate eye area to ensure that the appearance of expression lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness are all reduced!
  • EXCEPTIONAL! Contains 6 peptides including argireline, myoxinol, matrixyl 3000, eyeliss, and haloxyl that provide you with revitalized skin, prevents signs of aging, and give your eyes a far more youthful appearance!
  • POWERFUL! Enriched with caffeine and vitamin K which gives you the power to reduce puffiness, eye contour pigmentation, fading under-eye circles, and brightens your overall eye area
  • EASY! Air backless pump packaging gives you the ability to easily apply the eye contour
Bota-Peptide Eye Contour
Product Benefits

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Products in this bundle are vegan friendly. They use natural plant and marine extracts, and are developed in such a way to bring you real results.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Products in this bundle are not tested on animals so you can rest assured that everything in this bundle is cruelty free.

Paraben Free

Paraben Free

Products in this bundle are paraben free, meaning better health, younger skin, helping the planet, supporting sustainability, and many more benefits that come with using paraben free skin care products.

How To Use

This kit includes products designed to work together as part of your skincare routine to help reduce your skin's expression lines.

  • Bota-Peptide 5 Concentrate: This is something that you will use after you do your cleansing and toning. Apply 3-6 pumps around your face and neck area, and can also safely be applied around your eye area. Should be used in your morning and evening skincare routine for a minimum of 28 days for best results.
  • A.G.E. Total Defence Cream: This is something that you will use after cleansing, toning, and applying a serum or concentrate. Apply 3-6 pumps to your face and neck area. Should be used in your morning and evening skincare routine.
  • Bota-Peptide Eye Contour: After cleansing and toning, apply 1 pump on the eye contour on your eye area. Lightly massage until your skin absorbs it completely. Should be used in your morning and/or evening skincare routine.

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