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Acne Treatment Add On Kit

Add On Kit For Best Clearing Skin With More Severe Acne

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This kit includes 3 different products that are designed to be an add on to help clear acne more effectively. This is a kit that won't just work for a few months and then stop working. These are professional skin care products that continue to work as long as you use them. Included is our Puractive+ Essential Oil Complex (50ml), our Active Exfoliant Powder (75g) and our Pure Mask (60ml).

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What Others Say About Us

"For many years I experienced living with oversized pores, a red skin tone and tiny red veins on my face. I envied others who had beautiful skin. I was introduced to Senka through a friend and she made me feel at ease right away...I was skeptical, but within just a few treatments using Senka's knowledge, skills and G.M. Collins products my pores were diminishing, my red veins were gone and my skin tone was more even. I actually felt like I could be seen in public without makeup! Thank you Senka!...My all time favorite product is the G.M. Collins puractive cleansing foam!"

Extroadinarily Effective Concentrate

  • NO-NONSENSE! Formulated with 1% salicylic acid delivers the key to diminishing and preventing acne and comedones - FAST!
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE! Has a synergy of aloe vera and essential oils that allows you to purify and calm your skin - Effortlessly
  • OUTSTANDING! Has a fluid complex rich in essential oils that makes it so you can effectively soothe and refresh your skin without causing dryness - Better Than Ever
Puractive Essential Oil Complex
Acne Treatment Kit

All In One Acne Clearing Add On

We put into this bundle our best serum, exfoliant, and mask to further help clear your skin from acne. These are products that best compliment each other to give you the best results possible for ridding your skin of acne once and for all. All 3 of these products are compliments to those in the acne treatment kit to further help if your case of acne is more severe.

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Safe Ingredients

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Soothing & Refreshing

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Improves Skin Health

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Efficient Solution

Easy To Use Exfoliant

  • CRITICAL! Combines gentle mechanical, enzymatic and chemical actions which allows you to deeply cleanse and purify your skin - 100% foolproof
  • DEPENDABLE! Has a powerful synergy of sea fennel extract, vitamin E and C complex, and niacinamide that gives you the power to brighten your complexion and make your skin soft and fresh - With Ease
  • BREAKTHROUGH! Formulated with gentle cleansing ingredients that makes it so you can even use it daily
Active Exfoliant Powder

High Performing Mask

  • PRACTICAL! Clay-Rich Mask ensures that you can absorb any excess sebum from your skin - more effectively than ever before
  • EXCEPTIONAL! Contains rose myrtle extract that provides you the ability to fully hydrate your skin
  • DELIVERS! Contains salicylic acid that helps tighten your pores, improve dull complexion and purify your skin - Quickly
Pure Mask
Product Benefits

Our Values



Products in this bundle are vegan friendly. They use natural plant and marine extracts, and are developed in such a way to bring you real results.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Products in this bundle are not tested on animals so you can rest assured that everything in this bundle is cruelty free.

Paraben Free

Paraben Free

Products in this bundle are paraben free, meaning better health, younger skin, helping the planet, supporting sustainability, and many more benefits that come with using paraben free skin care products.

How To Use

This kit includes additional products to further help you with treating your acne. It is meant to be used for someone who has more than just a mild case of acne. These products will be part of your skin care routine and will help with softening, purifying, hydrating, and tightening the pores of your skin.

  • Puractive+ Essential Oil Complex: This is something that you will use after cleansing and toning your skin. You should apply it on more oily parts of your face and on localized blemishes. If you have acne prone skin you can also use this over your entire face and can use it 2-6 times per day. How much you use it depends on the severity of your breakouts. Also make sure to avoid applying it on irritated skin.
  • Active Exfoliant Powder: After cleansing your skin, slightly tilt the bottle and carefully dispense the equivalent of half a teaspoon (2 grams) of powder on moist hands. Add the same amount of water and rub your hands together to create a foam-like texture. Apply to your face and gently massage in circular motions for 1-2 minutes while avoiding the eye area. Then rinse with lukewarm water. This exfoliator can be used daily, and at minimum should be used 3-4 times per week.
  • Pure Mask: After cleansing, exfoliating, and toning, apply a sufficient layer of the pure mask to cover your skin. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and after that rinse thoroughly. Also the mask can stain some fabrics, so be careful of that.

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